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  • 8 Tips: To achieve NGER compliance
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    National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting, is an Australian statutory annual reporting requirement. Heavy fines are handed down to...
  • Energy Management 3.0
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    Paving the Way to “Source-to-Pay”
  • Energy: It all Starts with Good Data
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    At risk of stating the obvious, utilities are not widgets. You don't raise a purchase order for a Gigawatt...
  • Evolution Of Electricity Contracting For Multi Site Buyers
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    In the early years of energy deregulation it made a lot of sense to go to market for a...
  • Is it Worth It? Benchmarking Electricity Hedging Products
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    In the relentless search for value in electricity procurement, risk products are being increasingly marketed to larger organisations to...
  • Energy Sourcing: when is the best time to go to market?
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    It's a question that many clients pose - and if we had the perfect answer, we would be very...
  • Sourcing with Algorithms
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    Early adopter strategic sourcing teams are turning to two types of sophisticated mathematical algorithms to give them the edge...
  • Energy: If You Hate It, Automate It
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    For some of us, energy is a fascinating category. It's volatile, inextricably linked with politics and a peculiar mix...
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