The Platform

BidEnergy is a web based source to pay solution for the energy spend category.

The fully integrated platform offers advanced sourcing, contract management, spend analysis, budgeting, forecasting, payment automation, accrual accounting, and supplier risk and performance management. The solution has an intuitive interface and integrates with existing enterprise systems.

BidEnergy’s automated platform manages the end to end process of collecting, validating and paying energy invoices which significantly improves spend and usage accuracy, speed and control.

A single view of energy usage and spend, BidEnergy’s platform is the first cloud-based system to tackle the end-to-end tasks associated with buying energy, paying for it and analysing everything in-between to make sure it is done right – without human intervention.

Using robotic process automation and sophisticated online auctions, BidEnergy helps multi-site companies solve the problem of scope and data complexity across the energy spend category.

From dynamically sourcing the optimal supplier mix, validating and paying every energy bill on time, to managing an accurate record of data for budgeting, reporting and advanced analytics.

Challenge Us

Before you you sign up with us, give us access to your data and let our automated robots show you our capability.

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