A source to pay platform supported by energy specialists

Our SaaS platform helps multi-site organisations manage the energy spend category by reducing all energy cost components – from sourcing the lowest energy rate in the market, to running regular analytics across the entire portfolio.

Subscribers to our platform can optimise network and usage charges and remove internal processing costs from accounts payable, reporting and budgeting.

Used on a daily basis by energy category managers, procurement and accounts payable teams, operations managers and sustainability managers.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Platform

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    “I am not reliant on any third party to give me answers, to generate reports, or to give me access to my data, it is all on the platform.”

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    “I can log in to the platform at any time and see all my data in one spot.”

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    “The data on the platform is continuously checked to make sure it is accurate and complete.”

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    “I can go to market at any time knowing my data is always ready to go.”

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    “The platform is fully integrated into my payment systems. I don’t see any bills.”

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    “The bid process is very fast, very thorough, and very competitive. The platform allows me to see the whole market, to evaluate offers from all the suppliers and to look at every possible supply configuration at the touch of a button.”

Why BP went robotic

With over 600 electricity meters throughout Australia and New Zealand, BP adopted the BidEnergy platform to gain full control over their energy spend.

Through automation, BP now has immediate 24/7 access to critical data and reporting, which would otherwise require lengthy correspondence with outsourced specialist consultancies.


Solving the complex for multi-site companies across different industries

bidenergy_designassets_220716-c Retail

With combinatorial auctioning, BidEnergy can slice and dice the property portfolio, delivering savings that exceed traditional energy procurement approaches. Managing multiple suppliers through automation, overheads are minimised through reduced billing errors, and the avoidance of late fees and disconnections.

bidenergy_designassets_220716-c Water Utilities

Water utilities typically have hundreds to thousands of sites, with mixed levels of energy usage ranging from small site tariff to large consumption industrial sites with high demand charges. Running sophisticated sourcing to obtain the lowest cost of supply, BidEnergy also provides powerful budgeting and analytics capability by integrating usage data, tax invoices and reporting, accessible 24/7.

news Aged Care

Energy is an important area of spend for Aged Care and Retirement Living as it is critical for the onging comfort of residents. The BidEnergy platform can notify suppliers of “at risk” facilities, where power must stay on during extreme weather events for the essential services to residents and patients.

analytics Government

Governments must be seen to maintain the highest standards of probity in the sourcing process. For BidEnergy, our transparent, rules based sourcing process and open-supplier network policy meet or exceed all government compliance requirements.
Ongoing, access to continuously validated data sets and the ability to report at the portfolio, department or agency level provide the flexibility governments demand, consistent with a “cloud-first” procurement policy.

Swiftly migrate your energy data onto our platform

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