Australian electricity generation fuel mix

  • Black Coal
  • Brown coal
  • Natural gas
  • Renewables
  • Other

% share of Australian electricity generation fuel mix 2014-2015.

Source: Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (2016) Australian Energy Statistics, Table O

Total electricity consumption in Australia is about 222 TWh.

The total value of the energy market in Australia is approximately $44B P.A. value.

Approximately 40% of the consumption is commercial and industrial, 30% small and medium enterprise and 30% residential.

Many commercial and industrial customers also have small and medium enterprise sites, these are called multi-site customers. Most retail, banking, and other chains are considered multi-site companies.

As businesses consolidate their operations and move to a shared services model, more and more companies will be faced with the challenges of managing multi-site operations. Thus systems that may have worked well for managing a small number of geographic centric large sites do not work for tens, hundreds or even thousands of sites.

The Australian energy market is made up of a number of sub-markets, comprising of the interlinked Eastern Seaboard states, with competitive supply in most sectors. Plus WA and NT, with more limited competition.

There has been many new entrants into the market, with over 20 serving commercial and industrial sectors. Despite this, market share is dominated by four main players.

Generation mix varies by state, comprising of brown coal, coal, gas, hydro and renewables (mainly solar and wind). Consequently customers, especially with wide geographic footprints, may choose from a wide array of options to optimize their energy supply-chain costs.

On again – off again carbon pricing affecting investment in low emissions technologies, create both risks and opportunities for buyers.

The biggest energy reform on the radar is Power of Choice which will open up access to affordable smart metering to a wider range of customers and lower usage thresholds.

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