Data Management and Analytics

Capture all your energy data on one cloud-based platform

  • BidEnergy provides a single place to store your global energy spend and usage.
  • Say goodbye to juggling different invoice and meter data formats from multiple sources, BidEnergy gives you both the original and transformed data in one place.
  • BidEnergy collects, cleanses, classifies and analyses spend and consumption data from diverse sources.
  • Daily validation of all data elements – bills, interval data, site lists, contracts, utilities or network tariffs, power factor.

Delivering visibility and benefits to:

Cost reduction

Real time exception reports drive behavioural change. While cost reduction analysis identifies potential network or retail savings.


Measure your climate change emissions to assess impact and increase compliance.

Facility management

BidEnergy maintains an online report library that delivers enhanced visibility into facility usage and spend.

Letting you make better decisions with energy insight

Without BidEnergy
With BidEnergy

Reporting is manually consolidated across different sources and formats.


Reports are based on a mixture of current and out-of-date data sources.


A single energy database able to access the most recent invoices and interval meter data.


Report source data is available on-demand in its original format.

Challenge Us

Before you you sign up with us, give us access to your data and let our automated robots show you our capability.

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