Payments and Budgeting

Never be disconnected again

BidEnergy automates and extends the accounts payable process. With integrated workflow, BidEnergy reduces disconnection risk and overpayments.

Invoice automation benefits


Removes manual keying errors, covers all sites not just large.


All validation checks are performed by the robot, capable of processing >1000 bills in less than an hour.


Full 3-way match on every invoice, matching external reference data including network prices, usage and contracts. Audit friendly.

Escalations and exception routing

Workflow escalates non-payment notices and identifies unpaid invoices. This means no invoice is missed and facilities are not disconnected.


Never get caught short again with current and aged accruals updated as invoices are received.


Optimise spend forecasts using actual and like-site, invoices, meter data and network charges.

Challenge Us

Before you you sign up with us, give us access to your data and let our automated robots show you our capability.

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