Procurement and Contract Management

Buy smarter with real time procurement.

Most multi-site organizations struggle with scope and data complexity when tendering the energy spend category. Typical constraints imposed by manual tendering processes include:

  • Going to market when the contract expires rather than when the market conditions are favorable
  • Contracting for the long term even if not optimal, contracting with a single national supplier
  • Only inviting a select few national suppliers to tender
  • Taking weeks to get the data ready to run a competitive tender
Our fully integrated source to pay platform removes these constraints and delivers results in line with published reports on advanced sourcing benefits,
…advanced sourcing capabilities have enabled enterprises to identify on average an incremental level of savings of 12% above standard price-driven e-sourcing events.*
The advanced sourcing platform is described by our multi-site customers as being transparent, efficient, fully auditable and very effective at finding the lowest cost supply solution in the market.

Alternative sourcing approaches.

BidEnergy facilitates two approaches to energy sourcing:

Agile Sourcing

Agile sourcing uses wholesale market prices to drive RFP timing. Ideal for large energy users, Agile Sourcing reduces supplier price influence. Agile’s rapid delivery relies on being data-ready and on-demand RFP release.

Scheduled Sourcing

Scheduled Sourcing uses contract expiry or customer timelines to drive RFP timing. Ideal for multi-site small box customers where wholesale markets influence prices less. Schedules Sourcing allows the collection of RFP as part of the go-to-market process.

Procurement Features

An advanced sourcing platform designed to deliver the lowest cost supply configuration for multi-site portfolios, with the capability to:
  • Track relevant market price indices and set automatic triggers to optimize market timing
  • Minimize lead time as energy usage data is always ready
  • Maximize competition as all suppliers are invited to respond to an online RFP followed by our unique combinatorial auction
  • Rapidly settle contracts online to minimize supplier validity period

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