Energy specialists supported by robots deliver value at every stage of the energy spend management lifecycle

Bill Validation & Payment

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) collects, validates and addresses major exceptions before payment and data storage. The platform collects every bill issued for every site and validates the usage, rates and charges against the contracts, meter data, network/utility tariffs and active site list. No human hand touches the bill – delivering speed and accuracy outcomes unmatched by manual or semi-automated processes. Our platform can process (collect, parse, validate, and code) thousands of bills in minutes.

Portfolio Management & Analytics

RPA and cloud computing allows us to manage every site opening and closing seamlessly, track all energy data related to the site. Automation enables BidEnergy’s clients to ensure that they are on optimal network/utility tariffs and understand cost impacts before new regulated tariffs/pricing are approved and included in bills. Seamlessly run regular network/utility tariff optimization and demand reset opportunity reviews to continually reduce the non-energy commodity charges (up to 60%) on the bill.

Energy & Financial Reporting

RPA and cloud computing gives you instant access to your data with unparalleled levels of accuracy. Immediately generate detailed reports down to the site level at any time at the touch of a button. Automated emails can be set up that sends the required report to your inbox every month. Gone are the days of asking your consultant to prepare a report and waiting weeks while they clean the data and manually pull it together – often with errors or omissions.

Budgeting & Accruals

Creating a base case budget (zero change from last year) using RPA for even the largest portfolio takes less than a minute and can be created at any time on our robotic platform. Once the base case is established a forward-looking budget or re-forecast can be done by changing expected parameters like usage, energy prices, network charges, enviro charges etc. Actual spend can be tracked against budget and the category manager alerted if out of tolerance.


Budgeting is an annual life-cycle activity, but re-forecasting can be easily done to take account of changes to energy prices, usage, and network charges etc.
Accruals are immediately available at any time of the month based on accurate and immediately available pricing and consumption data.


Procurement & Contract Management

RPA enables access to unparalleled market signals and analytics with customized price alerting functionality. Buying strategy and planning is enhanced by RPA driven contract expiry alerting which ensures there is enough time to make smart buying decisions. RPA ensures data required for tenders is always ready and accurate for rapid market approach if a pre-set market trigger alerts a buying opportunity for the whole portfolio or by selected regions. 


Suppliers can bid directly into the platform for rapid bottom-up evaluation of every cost component that finds the lowest cost package and award for contracts to one or multiple suppliers. Final round live bidding with real-time price feedback (without disclosing the actual price) delivers more savings to the buyer in any one event. Real time evaluation and multiple-supplier scenario analysis driven by RPA means no other procurement platform comes close to delivering the same level of savings for multi-site portfolios.


Rebate & Incentive Management (US & Canada)

Since 2001, the RealWinWin Division of BidEnergy continues to be the industry pioneer for RebateAdministration™ and has the leading reputation with Customers and Utilities. Service delivery covers all 50 US States & Canada, all project types (new construction, retrofit, emergency replacement, etc.) and all energy-efficient technology types. Comprehensive end-to-end application management from pre-approval & site-inspection coordination to custom negotiation & check expediting. Consultative approach includes early-stage guidance for CapEx budgeting and project implementation planning & roll-out.