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Energy Accounting Automation
A Platform for the Financial Side of Energy

Why has energy remained the last major corporate spend category to elude automation? Up until now it has been too complicated, too federated with aspects managed across different departments in the organization.

That changes with BidEnergy. Designed with the needs of multi-site organizations and their many internal stakeholders in mind – from the CFO to corporate procurement to corporate real estate – we’ve developed the industry’s first cloud-based robotic platform for the energy category.

Media release: BidEnergy Brings Breakthrough Spend Management Platform to US Automating the Source-to-Pay Process for Energy

Buying Energy

With BidEnergy’s combinatorial auctions, you get the best price for energy by engaging the right suppliers to aggressively compete for your business on a site by site basis

Paying for Energy

Through Robotic Process Automation, BidEnergy makes the bill validation and on-time payment of all your energy bills a hands-free and error-free process.

White paper: Energy Management 3.0

Collecting Energy-Efficiency Rebates

Using the industry’s most comprehensive database of energy-efficiency rebate and utility program information, you can ensure you receive the maximum payment for your energy infrastructure investments.

Press release: BidEnergy Acquires RealWinWIn

At every stage in the process, transactional data is centrally stored so you can understand your current and historical energy spend at both a micro and macro level, providing you an information advantage for strategic and operational planning, as well as for carbon and ENERGY STAR reporting.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce energy costs on a site by site and pan-site basis
  • Reduce errors in bill payment.
  • Maximize energy-efficiency rebates.
  • Gain visibility and control over the entire Source-to-Pay process for energy.
  • Build a repository of energy data for strategic planning and reporting.

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